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History of Thunder Road

by Laura Stoneburner, Fargo Forum


Thunder Road, 2902 Thunder Road in Fargo, has been providing summer entertainment for families since 2001. The amusement park began with a 1,000-foot go-kart track and two 18-hole miniature golf courses. Even kids too young to completely understand the game, love to carry their little putters and chase the brightly colored ball to the hole.

After the park’s first summer, additions were made, including bumper cars, baseball [batting cages], another 18-hole miniature golf course and softball batting cages and a video arcade. The facility is also capable of hosting birthday or corporate parties. Dan and Nancy Isom traveled around the nation for 10 years building the same type of park in other cities before designing, building, and finally owning the local family fun park.

Now, the couple who built Thunder Road from the bottom up says their favorite part is providing a venue for families to spend quality time together.

“It’s not like going to a movie with your family,” Dan explained. “At the movie, you sit in the dark and look at a screen. When it’s done you can discuss the movie, but you come to Thunder Road, you’re a family unit playing miniature golf together. Even on the go-kart track, you’ve got your kid right next to you in the kart or you’ve got dad and his son side-by-side racing, looking at each other. It’s pretty exciting.”

The owners are proud to offer a clean, friendly environment for families for the Fargo-Moorhead community and surrounding cities. Dan and Nancy are considering the addition of an oval track to the amusement park soon. The amusement park is open May through September. Prices and more information can be found on their Website, www.thunderroadfargo.com. 

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